The access agreement allows you to use our current or future frameworks, they must only be signed once and it`s free. The access contract is the only contract between your organization and Scape. To be able to use one of our executives, it is necessary to sign a simple form called The Access Agreement. Please use the form below if you would like to request an access agreement or arrange an exploratory interview with a team member to help you move your project forward. After signing, there is no obligation or obligation to use our frames and the signing of an access agreement does not prohibit you from using other shopping routes. The South West Consultants Framework Board agreed that a one-time fee of $750 (excluding VAT) would be made available to users for access to the new framework for cost support related to the implementation of the Framework and the ongoing management of light. Once the access agreement is fully signed and the tax paid, access to the framework usage guide and all other relevant documents will be granted. Learn how to access the South West Consultants Framework. Please note that it takes 48 hours from the date the Council signs the access agreement until an invoice is issued to a new user.

The invoice is mailed and a copy can be provided by email. . You can find the access agreement below. Signed access agreements, along with invoice thinking data and a command number, must be emailed to or mailed: in our privacy and cookie policy, you will find information on how we store, protect and manage your transmitted data. . The framework can be used for construction projects carried out in the southwest region by one of the public bodies cited as legitimate users.