Does anyone have more control over the name of the band? The band can only use the name if everyone still performs together? Can a majority of members who come together use the name? Is that the name of Person A, whether he is in the group or not? What would you say if only person A and person B could use the group, that there was someone else in the group? While you`re at it, another useful company to keep you busy early in your band`s career is copyrighting all your music, branding your band`s name and making sure you write contracts in your favor prepared for your producers and agents to agree. Then you will all be hired to share your music with the world! Once you feel like the group is “stable,” you should talk to everyone about what commitment really is. Put the idea of a group agreement on the group. Explain why it`s important and how it`s going to help. (In fact, it might make people happy to know exactly what they are guaranteed as a member of the group.) Then choose a time to work out the details. A band contract is a contract between members of the group, a contract similar to that of a partnership contract is a partnership. It is simply a matter of sketching out how band business is managed. If you don`t run your group at least a bit like a business, please stop reading and choose an easier career. You will not be able to do that. This agreement is concluded between I have a label and if I sign a group that we have created, a group agreement would still be necessary or is it necessary for independent groups? Thank you, depending on where your group is based, there is probably a single law in your province or state that governs partnerships, whether the partnership is four people in a group or three people running a social media marketing company.

If your group is not integrated, depending on the location, it can be considered a partnership by law. While the purchase of a new guitar, a new tour van or a new merch often takes precedence over something as mundane as a legal agreement, I cannot stress enough how important it will be for you and your band in the future. It`s either a few hundred dollars now or thousands of dollars later when sht hits the fan.