Hello Stuart – If you are familiar with Porsche`s leasing purchase agreements, they are defined as a type of HP and I want to make sure, before I commit, that VT is applicable, because I know that pure leasing contracts are exempt from the regulatory rule. If you pay yourself prematurely, there is a new calculation of the interest payment (because you do not pay interest for the last year of your agreement, if you settle now) so that the number of settlements will be reduced. This is not the case with a VT situation. hi stuart, I have only 3 months to finish my contract, ive only in a VT, the forms have returned, and they say, unless I sign, I can not finish the agreement with them (mercedes) more say that I have a defect of 552.01 … but it was sold to me to pay a higher monthly fee for the mileage of 15,000 per year, so the car is in 45,000 miles, but today it is at 35,000, obviously 10,000 under, so sure that represents something …. It`s confusing. To be brief, I bought the car June 2014 on a 36-month contract and right now I`m at the 50% mark to allow a VT. Hello there, first of all, I can say a big thank you for making available the information on this site. I just got VT`d my agreement with Moneybarn who, to my surprise, asked them no questions or no help.

The only thing they did, and I have to say here, is that I did about 8000 miles more than in my agreement, and they want to pay about $800. Obviously, it`s a lot of money, do I have to pay for it? I guess that is my agreement. The car I VT`d is in excellent condition and I really have it for them, so when they come to inspect it, they shouldn`t find anything wrong. I will take detailed pictures of the car inside and out as well as all the bills and service history, so Moneybarn should not come back. Thank you again! Your Black Horse dealer helps you find the type of vehicle you want. You can borrow any amount starting at 1000 euros for new and used vehicles. You can agree to a deposit together, discuss how many miles you probably travel each year and how long you want to make the deal last (between 1 and 4 years). Your dealer then charges your GFV and confirms your monthly payment. Subject to approval of your application, you can drive your new vehicle. Good morning, Nathan. I can`t say what works best financially for you, but a voluntary layoff is a legal right and can`t be used to affect your credit rating. This means that Santander may be less inclined to offer you a mortgage because you have not entered into a prior agreement with you, but this should not affect your chances with other lenders.