If Child Safety investigates your child, seek legal advice immediately. Service contracts can describe geographic basins in one of three ways: as a general rule, the identity of those who address child safety (report it) with concerns about a child remains confidential. A voluntary child custody agreement may be terminated by one party with a period of 2 days in respect of the other parties. If the agreement ends and Child Safety still believes your child needs ongoing help, Child Safety may apply for a child protection order (see below). *Please note that the email address mentioned above is used by current or potential service providers. If you are a caregiver, parent or other community member, please contact the service to find other ways to contact you. To file a child safety complaint or a child safety officer, please contact the Complaints Section of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services on 1800 08 04 64. Child Safety must also be satisfied that it would be in your child`s best interest to be temporarily placed in the care of someone other than you or your child`s other parent, and it is unlikely that if you or your child`s other parent terminated the agreement, your child would not be directly threatened with harm. If Child Safety believes that your child has been or is in danger or is in danger and you are unwilling and able to protect them from harm, they may refer the matter to the Director of Litigation for Child Protection, who decides whether a child protection order should be applied to Childrens Court. The court may appoint a separate representative for your child – this is a lawyer who represents the best interests of your child.

The separate representative must inform the court of what your child wants and make recommendations to the court about what they believe is in the best interests of your child. This may be different from what your child wants. If you disagree with a Child Safety decision regarding your child, contact QCAT and ask them to verify the decision. We can provide legal advice and child protection assistance. .