If you have any questions about the use, retention and management of research data, please contact us at [email protected]. Create a list of all the data you want to collect, as defined in the NDA data dictionary structures, as well as the number of subjects, the initial transmission date, and the expected release date (based on the data sharing regime). This list must be established directly in the “Expected Data” tab of your collection once you have created your account and we have received your data transfer agreement, and should be established within 6 months of the assignment. Data Use Agreements Do you need to access data from another institution or share your research data outside of Brown? A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is a formal, written contractual agreement in which two or more parties enter into and define certain terms of use and protection of data. To learn more, visit our DUA page and check out our DUA online training. When transmitting data to the NDA, a D GUI must be assigned to each research participant. To generate GUIDs with PII collected on the search site – or to create random identifiers for retrospective studies – see the section on the NDA-GUID. Launch the GUID tool here, from the home page, from the NDA-GUID page, or use the command-line tool. The data must be formatted as CSV or txt files (separate tabulators) with two headers.

The first line must contain the name of the data structure and the version number. This is what you find in the data dictionary under short_name. For example, a abc_community02 short_name would have a abc_community and version 02 model. The following header file is the name of the item. All subsequent rows contain data. See the example of abc_community. The models (and definitions) can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking on the corresponding link in the data structure of the Data Dictionary section of the site. Once the data is harmonized with the data definition, run the validation and upload tool to transmit data: all data must have an appropriate data structure defined in the NDA Data Dictionary. Many measures are defined. However, if the data you need to transmit is not defined, you can request a new definition by creating the list of data needs described above. If the definition contained in the data dictionary does not meet your needs, contact us at the NDA support service and we will make the necessary changes to make the transmission of data as simple as possible. .

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