15. The tenant is irrevocably a lawyer of a court of the register of that state, lawyer on behalf of the late tenant by the contemptor of one of the agreements made in it and on the claim of the lessor, the representative of the lessor or the rights holders to the assignment, filed with such a court to enter the appearance of the tenant before such a court , to renounce procedure and meaning. , and declared the judgment against the tenant in favour of the lessor transfer for persons forced to premises with the costs of the action; and also to enter into the appearance of the tenant in such a jurisdiction, to proceed and renounce its meaning and to plead from time to time a judgment, for any rent that may be due to the lessor or assignee by the terms of that tenancy agreement with reasonable legal fees and fees, and waive all errors and all remedies of the judgment and judgments and give his agreement in writing that a letter of restitution or any other formal letter of execution may be issued. the tenant waives any notification or request of a law of that state with respect to forced entry and forced detention. 23. In the event of the lessor`s breach of the lessor`s agreements or agreements, the lessor may terminate the lessor ten days in advance to remedy this infringement by stating in writing how these agreements and agreements have been violated. If this offence is not cured within that ten-day period or if reasonable measures for the action of this healing are not initiated and followed carefully within that ten-day period, and then until that offence is cured, the rent is fully understood from the date on which the termination expired until the lessor has fully cured the offence in the act of this paragraph. , stalled. 28. This lease represents the entire agreement between the parties. No changes can be made unless it is signed and dated in writing by each party. Failure to assert a right or remedy in this agreement, and the payment and acceptance of rent under that agreement, are not considered to be a waiver of a derparteintaire`s right or recourse, if no written, as required in that statute. 5.

And on the eve, additional alliances, and undertakes to take good care of housing and facilities, and to commit and not suffer from waste; no modification or modification of premises, partitions or walls without the written consent of the lessor; That the tenant perform all necessary repairs to the walls, ceilings, paints, cleaning work, sanitary work, pipes and devices of the apartment when damage or injury is due to abuse or neglect; that the premises should not be used as a “boarding house” or “lodging” or for a school, or to give instructions for music, dance or singing, and that none of the rooms may be offered for rent by installing moorings on a door, window or wall of the building, or bringing them directly or indirectly into a newspaper or other means; that the tenant, family members or any other person related to the occupancy of the premises do not linger, sit or sit on or on the front steps, on the sidewalk, railings, stairs, halls, landings or other public places of the building; that no stock, milk, ice, marketing, food or similar goods may be transported to the premises through the building`s front door unless there is no rear entrance; the tenant and subtenants must not have destroyed the heater, gas or other building lamps that are not in the apartment, or interfere with the control of one part of the public building.