Their use of the cloud service is conditional on the continued compliance of Oracle`s licensing marketing policy, which is on and is included by reference (the “Rules”) of Oracle`s business partners and other third parties, including all third parties with whom the Services are integrated or which are retained by the Client to provide consulting services, implementation services or applications that interact with the Services, are independent of Oracle and are not Oracle agents. Oracle is not liable for customer service or data issues arising from shares of such a counterparty or third party, unless the counterparty or a third party provides services as Oracle subcontractors as part of a commitment ordered pursuant to this Agreement and, if so, only to the extent that Oracle would be responsible for our resources under this Agreement. (2) Oracle Technical Assistance Guidelines, which are also available under: The data processing agreement does not apply to (1) demo accounts, Trial versions, beta, release preview or other similar versions of services or (2) functions, services or products provided in accordance with a separate agreement or by a party other than Oracle (example. B Oracle, which is only a tally or a retiree), including, but not limited to Celigo and Pacejet. Oracle continuously monitors the cloud service to make Oracle`s cloud service work. Support the resolution of after-sales service requests; To identify and respond to threats to the functionality, security, integrity and availability of cloud service, as well as any content, data or applications of the service; detect and address illegal acts or violations of conditions of use. Oracle monitoring tools do not collect or store customer data in the cloud service unless necessary for such purposes. Oracle does not monitor or exploit any problems with non-Oracle software provided by the customer or customer user in which the cloud service is stored or run on the cloud service. Information collected by Oracle`s monitoring tools (excluding customer data) can also be used to manage Oracle`s product and service portfolio, correct defects in its product and service offerings, and manage licenses. Each party assures that it has in fact entered into this agreement and that it is competent and empowered to do so. Oracle ensures that, over the lifetime (i), Oracle performs the cloud service with economically reasonable care and skill on all essential points, as described in the support documentation, and (ii) all Professional and Assistance Services professionally, in accordance with industry standards (the guarantees described in the clauses (i) and (ii) above, as well as the “service guarantee”). If the services provided to the customer have not been provided as guaranteed, the customer must immediately send Oracle a written notification describing the lack of services (including the service number that informs Oracle of the lack of services).

At Professional Services, customers must notify Oracle of warranty defects within 60 days of the provision of defective professional services.