It could just cost you a little more, because there is a chance that you will break the terms of your service contract. These conditions govern the use of the products, websites and services listed at the end of this document (#serviceslist) (“Services”). By giving you the opportunity to subscribe, use or order the services, we offer you a concrete offer. You agree to the terms by creating a Microsoft account, using the Services, or continuing to use the Services when you are notified of a change in terms. Conditions must be verified and a copy of these must be printed and stored for archival purposes, as Microsoft will not keep that copy for you. Can you send me a copy of a professional service contract? The 2- and 5-year full coverage service contract should be concluded at the time of installation. 5. Use of third-party applications and services. Services can allow you to acquire or access products, services, websites, links, content, materials, games, capabilities, integration capabilities, robots or third-party applications (companies or individuals except Microsoft) (“Third-party applications and services”). Many Microsoft services also help you find, request or interact with third-party apps and services, or free up your content or data. You understand that by using Microsoft services, you ask to provide you with third-party applications and services. Third-party applications and services can allow you to store user content or data in the resources of the publisher, provider or third-party application and service operator. Third-party apps and services may view your privacy policy or ask them to accept the associated terms before installing or using these third-party apps and services.

Section 13 (b) contains additional terms and conditions for apps purchased in certain stores, owned or operated by Microsoft or its subsidiaries (including Office Store, Microsoft Store for Xbox and Microsoft Store for Windows). Please read the third-party provider`s privacy policies and policies before buying, using or using it to purchase your Microsoft account for third-party applications and services. Nothing that is indicated by third parties will change the conditions. Microsoft does not license you to use intellectual property rights in third-party applications and services. You agree to assume all risks and responsibility for your use of these third-party applications and services, and agree that Microsoft is not responsible to you or any other organization for information or services provided by third-party applications and services.