Clearly indicate a timeline for results. Most fleet service providers can document the savings achieved with packages they have designed. This includes savings on rental invoices, accident management claims, and repair and maintenance. Life-cycle cost analysis is also important for determining savings. Consider all aspects of the cost of your fleet — fixed and variable. Develop a tailor-made service matrix that details performance standards in certain key areas and sets the fine for not receiving minimum standards. This monitoring offers a responsibility that would not offer tolerance allowances built into the standards. Standards must be reasonable and fair. But make it clear that the results are flexible, but they must be obtained in a timely manner. Don`t be afraid to set dates and/or the amount of savings expected at certain intervals. The best agreements retain a certain degree of flexibility, but also take into account the needs of both parties before they are implemented. When negotiating a service level agreement, consider the following: Identify measurable goalsPerformance requirements should be included in any contract with a fleet provider. Performance-based repositories ensure success not only for you, but also for the provider.

The contract is a partnership between you and your fleet supplier. As with any great partnership, both parties need to work the relationship. The contract should specify how the service provider will do this: it is convenient to make a call and deal with any problems. However, if the fleet service provider does not meet your goals and does not communicate with you as described in advance, go to the search. Prior to the establishment of an SLA, fleet management must have an SLA with the mechanical service provider on maintenance plans and response times to failures. How you manage service providers is the key to the success of your business. Never be afraid to ask questions. Be proactive. Not all providers can offer all the services you may need.

Most of their packages are designed in a single scenario. Try to find a supplier that has adapted a package to all or most of your specific needs. A good rule of thumb is to choose the services that best meet the needs of your drivers. You are affected for the entire period during which you are in business with a supplier. Get information about them from what they need to do their job….