Overall, the shareholders` pact plays a fundamental role for companies, insofar as they act as real prevention tools and provide solutions to problems that will undoubtedly arise in the future between partners and the company. Therefore, whether or not to have signed an agreement between partners can certainly make the difference between the success and the failure of a company. This includes the Tribunal`s power to order the rectification and rectification of written contractual conditions, so that it faithfully renders the original agreement of the contracting parties. The original or previous agreement may have been oral or written, but due to an error, it was not properly reproduced in the final document. As a general rule, the operation of the company is left to the board of directors. However, shareholders may believe that there are certain decisions that should not be left to the discretion of the directors and instead require shareholder agreement, which is particularly relevant if there are directors who are not shareholders. The legal effects of an offence depend primarily on the facts of this case, but the four most likely and frequent consequences of an offence are: it appears that a reference in a termination provision that is “without prejudice to other rights and remedies” will preserve common law remedies. Since the nature of the injury to be recovered may vary depending on whether a party is pursuing an action for breach or relying on a termination clause. This is the fact that it should be taken into account from the outset.

A shareholders` pact governs the relationship between two or more shareholders of a company and contains provisions relating to the day-to-day management of the company in areas such as the transfer and issuance of shares, the sale of essential assets, the appointment and dismissal of directors. The shareholder contract is located next to the company`s by-law and describes the obligations of shareholders to others and the company. As a general rule, a shareholders` pact also lists some important issues for which shareholders are either unanimous or must be the subject of a certain majority before a decision can be made. Uninjured shareholders may receive financial compensation to compensate for the damage caused by the breach of the shareholders` pact. Another remedy is to nullify the consequences of the infringement – for example, to remove the result obtained from non-compliance with the voting requirements set out in the shareholders` pact. If the infringement is not relevant, non-injurious shareholders also have the option of terminating the contract and signing a new contract among non-injurious shareholders. A company`s shares are often held by the company`s directors, senior executives and/or key employees. If they resign or leave for any reason, you will more than likely want them to sell their shares, otherwise they could continue to be entitled to dividends that would be generated by the shareholders in the works. The right of separation is exercised in writing within one month of the date of publication of the agreement or the receipt of the notification (Article 348, paragraph 2, LSC). It is generally accepted that certain types of contracts, particularly for personal services, are not specifically applicable, but a commercial agreement such as a shareholders` pact should be applicable in appropriate circumstances. By ordering a defined benefit, the Tribunal orders the defendant to respect a contractual undertaking that has not been met.

Like all fair remedies, there are also serious restrictions on its exercise. As always, the care taken to draft any provision in a shareholder contract (as in any contract), including the provisions relating to the transfer of shares or termination, is essential, here we are talking with Commercial Litigation Solicitor, Lisa Rivers, about the purpose of a shareholder contract and what happens if the provisions of the agreement are violated.