3. Write your consent Use stipation to set up or modify children`s support and control (form FL-350). The form guides you through all the issues you need to address in your agreement, so be sure to read it carefully. People`s lives are changing. When this happens, it is sometimes necessary to change support orders and chords. This helps to ensure that assistance contracts and agreements remain fair. You can find information about modifying an assistance mission or agreement in the step-by-step manual. Provinces and territories may impose a support order or a written aid payment agreement if the aid is not provided. It`s important! If one of the parents receives public support (such as TANF), the local children`s aid association must give its consent and sign the agreement between the parents. The local children`s aid organization must also sign the agreement if the Agency is involved in a case in order to enforce (collect) the support order.

The California Ministry of Children(DCSS) is the public authority that implements guidelines and oversees child care for the state. The local children`s aid organization (LCSA), headquartered in each county, is a district authority that provides the public with day-to-day services, implements and enforces court-provided child welfare orders. This online self-help centre typically uses “LCSA,” but if you see “DCSS” or “Department of Child Support Services” on this site or in forms you`ve received, remember that they are the same. 7. Send the order/notification to the income retention for family allowances to the employer of the parent who has been designated for payment of the assistance (the debtor) If you have agreed that the debtor`s wages (the parents who pay the assistance) will be filled, send the withholding of income deposited to his employer (form FL-195). If you have agreed to an amount, register the agreement with us. If they are accepted, we will send both people a notice with the amount you have agreed. And you have to decide how family allowances are paid: directly between the parents, directly to the operator or by foreclosure of salary (salary allowance). Depending on the situation, both parents may wish to change the amount of paid child care. Changes in child care are often helpful when both parents have changed significantly: the amount must be paid to domestic income, which pays the recipient child care more than the amount of the benefit. Family allowances are the amount that a court orders each month to pay a parent or both parents to pay for the child`s (or children`s) assistance and the cost of living. You have to pay for the assistance – even if you don`t see that your California courts children are required to order the amount of child care through child care through the guideline, unless the case is one of the few legal exceptions to this rule.

One of the exceptions is that the parties accept a different amount from the Child Custody Directive, provided that it complies with certain tests. Policy Reference: GUIDE FA 3.1.5 Maintenance Test for Part A, Appropriate Maintenance, 3.1.6 Child Support Assessments and Agreements, 3.1.7 Maintenance Performance Test 4. Sign your stipulation (agreement) Each parent must sign the stipation (form FL-350). If you sign, you agree that you understand and sign it voluntarily and that you are not pressured or forced to accept. Be sure to add the child assistance calculation that indicates what is the reference value for child care, even if you accept a different amount.