In Georgia, marriage contracts are called both marriage contracts and “marriage articles”. According to the law discussed in the table below, “marriage article” refers to a marriage contract entered into by two persons who are now married and who “are considering a future settlement”. In establishing the enforceability of a marriage contract in 1982, the Supreme Court of Georgia established 3 criteria in Scherer v. Scherer. To determine whether a marriage contract is enforceable or not, the court decides whether the contract: A marriage contract may be performed and performed by one of the spouses at any time in the life of the other spouse, provided that it does not affect the rights of another person, the buyer or the creditor. It is not necessary for these contracts to be drafted by a prenuptial contractual lawyer, but whether the option to seek legal assistance was granted prior to signing could be a matter of enforcement. A properly drafted marriage contract may designate certain assets as separate so that they are not divided into divorce and the property is clear for the purposes of inheritance. If your prenup agreement was created in accordance with the guidelines of the Internal Code of Georgia, it is a legally binding contract. Some prenups have clauses and provisions for terminating the agreement, but any major changes should be made by submitting an addendum that modifies or updates the original terms. To ensure that the court applies an addendum to your prenup, the circumstances that require a change to the original must change. These changes may include: These agreements must be carefully drafted by an Atlanta divorce attorney and include full disclosure of each party`s financial situation. It`s best to include net asset plans that show all the assets, liabilities, and income of both. See Lawrence v.

Lawrence, 289 Ga. 309, 687 p.E.2. 421 (2009). If the intention of the parties is clear on all material conditions and there is full financial disclosure, these agreements are generally enforced. See Newman v. Newman, 291 Ga. 635, 732 p.E.2nd 77 (2012) (pre-nup applied, although the parties made handwritten insertions after the execution). As for enforcement, it is best to have two witnesses (including a notary) to testify to each signature. See Fox v. Fox, 291 Ga. 492, 731 p.E.2nd 676 (2012). See also O.C.G.A.

section 19-3-62. The decision to enter into one of these agreements is a decision that an experienced family law lawyer can help you implement. Edwards & Associates may be able to advise and guide you on some of these issues. Contact our office or visit our website for more information. An experienced family law lawyer may be able to help you determine your options and rights. If your contract before or after the marriage was concluded in accordance with Article 3 of the Code of Domestic Relations of Georgia, the conditions you have accepted will determine how your divorce will be handled. Common areas addressed in a prenup include: Many people have misconceptions about what a prenup (sometimes called a prenup) is for. In most cases, marriage contracts are intended to protect the interests of children or existing partners in family businesses. There are certain things that cannot be included in prenuptial agreements, which are usually things that violate public order. For example, a prenuptial agreement that promotes divorce (e.g..B. provides a financial incentive for divorce) could remove that specific provision, or perhaps even the entire agreement.

In addition, provisions relating to alimony or custody of children in the event of divorce are generally not permitted in prenuptial agreements, as the courts have the final say on these matters. There are many situations in which a couple might consider a prenuptial agreement. A postnup may be necessary or advised if one or both spouses own a business for protection. A couple experiencing discord over financial issues might also consider a postnup to create more harmony in the marriage. Another example of a situation where a postnup could be considered is if the adultery took place in the marriage to ensure that the other spouse has some security. Child custody is not determined by prenuptial agreements, but you can establish a binding collaborative process when it comes to making arrangements. When drafted in accordance with the guidelines of the Code of Domestic Relations of Georgia, marriage and post-marriage contracts describe issues related to the division of matrimonial property and the payment of maintenance payments in the event of the final divorce of the couple. There are seven important reasons why a prenuptial or post-marital contract should be considered: If validity is challenged, the court will seek: (1) the pre-nup was obtained through fraud, coercion or error, or by misrepresentation or non-disclosure of material facts, (2) the agreement is unscrupulous, and (3) the facts and circumstances have changed since performance, to make the application unfair and inappropriate.

See Sides v.pages, 290 Ga. 68, 717 p.E.2nd 472 (2011). The party seeking to enforce the agreement bears the burden of proof. See Lawrence, loc. cit. The judge may execute in whole or in part. Before getting married, many parties consider entering into a prenuptial contract, a contract between two people that will allow them to dictate, in the unlikely event of a divorce, how they will divide their prenuptial property and the property they will acquire during the marriage. This agreement is often referred to as a “prenup”. Such an agreement could also include conditions as to whether one of the parties is entitled to maintenance and the outcome of several other issues. Guidelines for the establishment and execution of a prenuptial agreement are described in the Code of Domestic Relations of Georgia.

In order to be valid in a future divorce action, your prenup must not interfere with the rights of third parties, previous buyers or creditors and meet these requirements: if, after examination, the court finds that the agreement violates any of these criteria, the terms of the agreement will not be included in the final divorce judgment and the content of the agreement will not be taken into account by the court or jury for decide on divorce matters. Alexander v. Alexander, 279 Ga. 116 (2005) and Corbett v. Corbett, 280 Ga. 369 (2006). To ensure the applicability of your prenuptial agreement in the event of divorce, note the following: At Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor, we act as an advocate for families in the Atlanta metropolitan area for prenuptial agreements and prenuptial agreements, and we have the best interests of both parties in mind while ensuring that conflicts of interest are avoided. Do you have any questions? Call us at (678) 971-3413 or contact us for a consultation.

If a prenup or prenup agreement, as it is commonly called, is properly drafted and voluntarily entered into by both parties, it is legally enforceable. As a type of prenuptial agreement, guidelines for the execution of a prenuptial agreement are described in the Code of Georgia and can be used to protect the property and assets of each spouse in the event of divorce. Post-marital contracts are simply marriage contracts that are concluded after marriage. If they are executed after a divorce petition and executed in conjunction with reconciliation, they are usually referred to as reconciliation agreements. They usually set the terms of settlement in the event that the divorce is filed again within a certain period. Russell Hippe, an Attorney for the Atlanta Prenuptial Agreement, encourages couples to reach a fair agreement that aims to preserve matrimonial property for the parties (not the attorneys) and minimize the cost, stress, and inconvenience of an unfortunate divorce. He is skilled at designing them and charges a reasonable fee. Post-uptial contracts are post-marital contracts.

Recently, the use of postnups has become increasingly popular, although they are still rare. The agreement is similar to a prenup, the main difference is that the contract is signed after the couple`s marriage. However, the purpose of a postnup is the same: to protect people`s assets and income earned during the relationship. A post-uptial contract can also be used to review a prenup to ensure that the contract covers all assets. A postnup could also help solve some financial problems that can arise during a marriage. When considering what you want to include in a prenuptial agreement, you need to be sure and cover all the bases. As long as your agreement is reasonable and fair to both parties and meets the legal requirements described in Article 3 of the State Code of Georgia, there are a variety of terms that you may contain. Here are the main areas to consider: marriage contracts are interpreted generously to implement the intentions of the parties, and the agreement does not become invalid simply because it lacked an element in the form.. .